Our Services include Web page design, Web site Hosting and Maintenance, Domain registration, Graphic design, Audio and Video Enhancements - Office and Home networking. - You will find the most affordable Website Design services here.

Website Designs start at the low price of  $10.00 for the basic business card type - 10 standard pages. Larger website prices have to be taken on a case by case basis. That is about $1.00 per webpage. Additional charges for graphics and tables may occur if your design factors require them to be included. Fill out the Web Request form to help us find what best fits your needs. All of our designs are priced to be very affordable. Compare and Save.

Domain Registration - We provide a painless acquistion of your Domain Name and point it directly to our server within 24 to 48 hours. We fill out all the registration forms for you. The research and service available to you is just  $15.00 a year. Your URL ( domain name ) will be linked to one of our directory services that will help direct web traffic to your pages via the ad squares displaying your site logo. Good advertising. The cost is only  $5.00 per year but free when you host with us.

Hosting Services is a firm  $10.00 - That is per Year not by the month (WOW) once again we say - Compare and Save.

Of course your disk space and bandwidth requirements have to be considered before the final agreement is made but your overall cost should be the lowest anywhere.

Maintenance agreements for updates and designs are low cost. All Custom graphics, logos and designs are yours to keep and use in any manner that you wish. Perfect for printing flyers, letters or posting company info.