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Black Jack
A very handsome fellow at 15.1hands

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Chocolate - aka "Rosie - Super Flier"
15 hands - Standardbred filly

A western horse has guts and commitment, an English horse has grace and elegance,
but my horse has it all!

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Daisy - aka "Wild Thrill"
Foal Date : 2001
16.1 hands - Standardbred Bay Filly

Seems to be enjoying the pasture

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Dancer - aka "Dances with Grace"
Foal Date : 5/12/98 in Englishtown, NJ
15 hands - Standardbred Gelding - Trotter

Rides & Drives and is very affectionate
He loves to be petted and gives kisses !

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Harmony - aka "Harpers Two Step"
Foal Date : mm/dd/yyyy in anytown, usa
15.2 hands - Standardbred Mare - Trotter

From the Ambassador program - nicely marked with a star and white
on both hind legs and a tiny bit of white on the right front foot

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Hot Rod Show - aka "Hottie"
Foal Date : mm/dd/yyyy in anytown, usa
15.2 hands - Standardbred Gelding - Trotter

Rides and drives. Very personable and friendly
Heather Caudill is providing excellent natural horsemanship training

Hot Rod is our New Ambassador Horse - He has also competed in a
schooling dressage show at the intro level. He loves going places
and performing any task that you ask of him. He is forward moving,
yet controllable and has a wonderful personality to match his intelligence.

Elma - aka "MeadowBranch Elma"
Foal Date : 1987
15.3 hands - Standardbred Mare - Trotter

Elma Retired from Racing is now an excellent riding & driving pleasure horse.

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Miami Waltz aka "Walter"
16.1 hands - Standardbred - Pacer

Refused to pace wearing hobbles and wasn't fast enought to race as a trotter.
He has a second chance as a pleasure horse and loves the trails.

McQ - aka "McQuilty"
15 hh - Standardbred - Gelding

Very gentle, good ground manners

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Molly - aka "Southern Breeze"
Fola date : 3/7/2004 15 hh - Standardbred - Trotter

Molly raced 6 times, but was too slow. Molly was saddle trained by Robin Hart
and will now be boarded with Theresa Brummett of Brummett Dressage in Dade City.

MoonShine - aka "Son of Funshine"
?? hh - Standardbred -

Picture here is two of April's most Precious gifts

Ox - aka "PS Kriskay"
Foal date 5/17/98,
16,1hh, Red Bay Standardbred gelding - Trotter

Ox has a super disposition

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Foal Date - April 14, 1998
15.2 hands - Standardbred Gelding - Trotter

Pepper enjoys Trail rides and driving the cart

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Ruby - aka Miss Ruby G"
15.1 hands - Standardbred Mahogany Bay Mare - Trotter

Adorable good ground manners, very intelligent, loves people

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Foal Date : May 7, 2004
15 hands - Standardbred Colt

Already almost 15 hands tall at 9 months old.
Pictured here at 9 weeks in a Right front pose.

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Simee - aka "Simmer Hanover"
Owners : Frank & Cheryl Amey of Ocala
15.x hands - Standardbred Dark Bay Mare

Raced once and then was a brood mare for two years
has two colts - 2003 Caliente & 2004 Scooter.

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Foal Date: April 2002
15 hands - Standardbred Gelding - Pacer

He is saddle trained and riding well. He looks
forward to his first trail ride with other Standardbreds.

Yankee - aka "Prime Time Yankee"
Foal Date : June 1st 1990
15.2 hands - Standardbred Gelding - Pacer

Yankee - was Trained and Raised by Ron and Leah and
he will be entering Dressage shows this fall

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