My Pony Sun Blockô - Natural Sun block For All Types of Pets and Animals.

Horses, Dogs, Cats, Cows & Pigs

Good for all types of white-haired, pink unpigmented skin!

Uses pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and is fragrance and chemical free!

Safe for all animals, it is made with all natural non-irritating minerals,
which have a natural affinity to the skin.

Daily application of Sun Block gives instant chemical free protection that will last all day!

4 oz. container - lasts a long time - $ 20.00

To use, apply daily with a dry sponge to external unpigmented areas around face, eyes and nose, rectal and genital area.

Inexpensive, Safe and Easy to Use.
Applicator included in each container.

A little goes a long way - the 4 oz. size should last one horse for months

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