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You will find the most affordable Web Services here

The business and services who post their Webpages here are
provided with the same opportunity that the big directories have,
but with ours they recieve an extra added value with big savings.

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Web Page Design

The standard Website designs starts at the low price of  $10.00 for up to
ten individual webpages compiled in a framed format including an Entry page,
header, navigation and title pages with Meta Tags - Compare and Save

That is the bargain value of $1.00 per webpage. Ask about viewing the Demos.

Additional charges for special graphics and tables may occur if your website
design factors require them. Taken on a case by case basis. Compare and save.

Build a Business website to help promote traffic as an extentention of your
business card or yellow page ad - Post your detailed contact info, business hours,
products and service description to project a visual presence in the internet.

The larger website prices have to be taken on a case by case basis.
All designs are priced to be very affordable. Compare and Save.

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Web site Hosting

Our Hosting Packages are listed by the Year not by the Month.

The price is only $ 10.00 to Host your Website with
All files are maintained locally and include an Ad Square in the Business Directory

Pricing for updates to individual webpage files have to be taken on a case by case basis.
When reasonable small changes are requested and sent in by email there maybe be no charge.
The volume and hours determine the cost expense with estimate given are bargin rates.

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Domain Registration

Domain registration is available for just $15 a year
When you aquire and secure a domain name it will point to your files and
can be listed with a ( .com / .net / .org / .biz / .us ) of your chosing

Example :

Your URL can be identified with our site along with your directory name.
if you feel you not want a domain and just need a Ad Square to promote it

Example :

We fill out all the registration forms for you and provide painless acquistion
of your Domain Name and point it directly to our server within 24 to 48 hours

If you decided to host your website elsewhere, you can still link your website with
an Ad Square in the Business Directory for the cost of only  $10.00 per year

Your Membership link with us will direct web traffic to your external
pages via the ad square displaying your site logo. Good advertisement

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Ad Squares and Banners

Link your existing website with an Ad square for only $ 10.00 per year

Ad Squares are free when you host your website here with us
Large Banner Ads are available for only $ 20.00 per year

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